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Vernon Brown

Vernon Brown - Chairman

Met Fandom in 1967
Founder Member : Aston S F Group, Birmingham S F Group, Novacon
Hobbies include: SF, Travel, Good beer/real ale, Early jazz and blues, manouche.
SF likes: Alien Society, Alien/Human contact, Paracliology.
SF dislikes: Hard SF, Interminable series, Too-thick paperbacks.
Would like to see: More people reading SF, Less confusion of SF with other genres.

Pat Brown

Pat Brown - Treasurer

Now retired from teaching but busier than ever;
I have been a fan of SF since childhood, my introduction being the Flash Gordon Saturday serial cliff-hangers in the 50s/60s before discovering the classics. Enjoy SF with characterisation, travelling, real ale, exotic/foreign foods, manouche, Otis Redding, Gilbert & Sullivan and Carousel. Dislikes include Fantasy and people who misuse their power and abilities.

Carol Goodwin

Carol Goodwin - Newsletter Editor

Came to Birmingham to study Biology and found Andromeda SF bookshop (and bought far too many books). I have moved around since but keep ending up back in Birmingham, where I discovered the Brum Group in 2011.
I was introduced to SF and Fantasy very young (both books and TV/films) – early influences were my Dad’s Edgar Rice Burroughs and L Sprague de Camp collections. Early TV/films were Dr Who, Forbidden Planet and late night screenings of the old Universal horror classics.
I am an avid reader and will try most genre fiction as I look for good plot and characters rather than worry about the label. That said I mainly like hard SF, Space Opera and well-written Fantasy. I am also still a big fan of fantasy/SF in other forms – films, TV and video games etc.

Dave Corby

Dave Corby - Publicity
Currently employed by the National Grid as a Commercial Analyst. He has a Biochemistry degree and an almost exclusive enjoyment of just Science Fiction and Fantasy. Having enjoyed Tolkien since he was 7 he is now an active Tolkien Society member and was Chair of the Middle-earth Weekend in 2008 to 2010.
He has enjoyed just about all the SF he has ever read, ranging from Hard SF through Fairytale. He has also played and games-mastered tabletop Role-playing Games for 20 years.
Other interests include: Rock and metal music (from progressive 70s synth to 90s Scandinavian Black with everything in between!), Marvel and many indie comics, performance cars, and his 5 year old daughter!
William McCabe

William McCabe - Ordinary Member

Ex Software Tech, currently running this site
Interests: Tendency for the obscure, Reads books that show up in the "cult" sections of the shops, listens to music that came out of bargain bins, watches TV shows on the "arty" channels and foreign (subtitled) films and most of the stuff that everyone else knows about anyhow...
Spends too much time on the internet (despite not having a home connection) research for all kinds of things including material for this site and the group newsletter.