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Vernon Brown
Vernon Brown - Chairman
Met Fandom in 1967
Founder Member : Aston S F Group, Birmingham S F Group, Novacon
Hobbies include: SF, Travel, Good beer/real ale, Early jazz and blues, manouche.
SF likes: Alien Society, Alien/Human contact, Paracliology.
SF dislikes: Hard SF, Interminable series, Too-thick paperbacks.
Would like to see: More people reading SF, Less confusion of SF with other genres.  
Pat Brown
Pat Brown - Treasurer

Now retired from teaching but busier than ever;

I have been a fan of SF since childhood, my introduction being the Flash Gordon Saturday serial cliff-hangers in the 50s/60s before discovering the classics. Enjoy SF with characterisation, travelling, real ale, exotic/foreign foods, manouche, Otis Redding, Gilbert & Sullivan and Carousel. Dislikes include Fantasy and people who misuse their power and abilities.
Carol Goodwin
Carol Goodwin - Newsletter Editor

Came to Birmingham to study Biology and found Andromeda SF bookshop (and bought far too many books). I have moved around since but keep ending up back in Birmingham, where I discovered the Brum Group in 2011.
I was introduced to SF and Fantasy very young (both books and TV/films) – early influences were my Dad’s Edgar Rice Burroughs and L Sprague de Camp collections. Early TV/films were Dr Who, Forbidden Planet and late night screenings of the old Universal horror classics.
I am an avid reader and will try most genre fiction as I look for good plot and characters rather than worry about the label. That said I mainly like hard SF, Space Opera and well-written Fantasy. I am also still a big fan of fantasy/SF in other forms – films, TV and video games etc.
Dave Corby
Dave Corby - Publicity
Currently employed by the National Grid as a Commercial Analyst. He has a Biochemistry degree and an almost exclusive enjoyment of just Science Fiction and Fantasy. Having enjoyed Tolkien since he was 7 he is now an active Tolkien Society member and was Chair of the Middle-earth Weekend in 2008 to 2010.
He has enjoyed just about all the SF he has ever read, ranging from Hard SF through Fairytale. He has also played and games-mastered tabletop Role-playing Games for 20 years.
Other interests include: Rock and metal music (from progressive 70s synth to 90s Scandinavian Black with everything in between!), Marvel and many indie comics, performance cars, and his 5 year old daughter!
William McCabe
William McCabe - Ordinary Member
Semi retired ex Software Tech, currently running this site
Interests: reading (2 book groups with 3 or 4 meetings every month), music (2 record nights a month), history (editor, archivist and researcher for local history society), amateur journalism (monthly contributor to either apa-b/the Organization or e-apa since the early/mid 80s) and a bunch of other stuff including amateur theatre and local events. 
Theresa DerwinTheresa Derwin - Ordinary Member
HWA member Theresa writes SF, Urban Fantasy & Horror and has over thirty anthology acceptances, one recently in ‘Below the Stairs’ with Ramsey Campbell and Clive Barker . She writes book reviews at a previously owned site  which she handed to prolific reviewer Yvonne Davies. She has been a fan and writer in genre for over twenty years and uses these contacts to get awesome guests for BSFG. She's had three collections published; Monsters Anonymous (currently reworking) Season’s Creepings and Wolf at The Door’. She edited Weird Ales 2016 creating vol 2 and 3 in 2017. Forthcoming books are Once Upon a Feather’ then ‘God’s Vengeance’ from Crystal Lake Publishing. 2917 she's guested at Birmingham Horror Con. 2018 she will be appearing at Darker Side of Fiction as a guest author. Favourite writers include Aliette de Bodard, Seanan McGuire, Lisa Shearin and Clive Barker. Robert A Heinlein was my first SF love.
Twitter @BarbarellaFem
In 2018 she commences a study of #WomeninHorror.