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We meet at the Briar Rose Hotel, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5RE. Maps of the area can be found on Google and Multimap and there is a web page at http://www.jdwetherspoonlodges.co.uk/lodge/lodge-details.php?LodgeId=8


There may be shorter routes than these but these are the easiest to follow.
There are some car parking spaces at certain times in some of the roads around the Briar Rose Hotel but unless you know the area it would be best to follow the directions given below.
If you do not know Birmingham very well print off this page, including the map, and bring it to help you.
Ask at the Briar Rose Hotel Reception for our meeting room.


Because of major building works several city centre roads have been closed or have had their direction of traffic flow altered, so precise directions cannot be given.

On arriving in Birmingham, find  a car park or parking area, make your way to the nearest number (1 – 8) on the map and follow the directions given below from there. Be careful when parking because the pay/free times have been changed.


Because of major building works bus routes and stops in the city centre are liable to change. Ask the driver for the City Centre and when you alight ask where to catch the bus to go back and what time the last bus goes.

The following numbers (1 – 8) relate to the numbers and places shown on the above map.

(1) From Corporation Street Aston University end: Walk uphill and cross over Old Square traffic island past The Square Peg pub on your right. Some buses may drop you in Old Square or by the Square Peg, just orient yourself to the Square Peg. Keep walking along Corporation Street until you get to New Street. Turn right past the Information Point and walk up New Street towards Victoria Square. Bennett’s Hill is the fourth street/passage on your right almost at the top of the hill. Turn into Bennett’s Hill and the Briar Rose Hotel is on your right, just before the pub of the same name.

(2) From Corporation Street facing downhill towards New Street: Walk down to New Street, turn right and proceed as in (1) above.

(3) From Moor Street Station area: Opposite Moor Street Station is Carrs Lane, walk up it to High Street. Turn left and continue until you reach New Street on your right. Walk up New Street past Corporation Street on your right, past the Information Point and continue up New Street as in (1) above.

(4) From Colmore Row: Walk with the traffic flow past the Cathedral, Cemetery and Temple Row until you reach Bennett’s Hill on your left. Walk down the Hill almost to the bottom where you will find the Briar Rose Hotel on your left just past the pub of the same name.

(5) From (upper) Bull Street: If you alight on the left hand pavement by the shops walk through a short arcade to Colmore Row. If you alight on the other side cross to the pavement by the shops  and through the arcade to Colmore Row. Turn left and proceed as in (4) above.

(6) From (lower) Bull Street: Walk up the hill to Corporation Street. Turn left and proceed as in (2) above.


(7) From New Street Station: Go up the escalators or stairs onto the concourse. Follow the “Way Out” signs to the ticket barriers and go through them to the main concourse. Follow the “Way Out  New Street & Victoria Square” signs to the exit. Go through the “Buses & New Street” doors onto Stephenson Street where, diagonally to your left over the road, you will see Lower Temple Street. Walk up it to New Street, turn left for a few yards and you will see Bennett’s Hill on the opposite side of the road. Walk up Bennett’s Hill on the right hand pavement and you will find the Briar Rose Hotel  just before the pub of the same name.


(8) From Snow Hill Station: From the main exit cross to the opposite side of Colmore Row via the crossing. Turn right and proceed as in (4) above.

(9) From Moor Street Station: It’s quicker via Snow Hill Station. Otherwise as in (3) above.


From Snow Hill Station: As in (8) above.


Or if you become lost ask for New Street or Corporation Street. From the New Street/Corporation Street junction make your way up New Street as in (1) above