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The venue for the regular meetings changed twice during this period. They started at the Imperial Hotel, moved to the Ivy Bush in June 1982, then back to the Imperial at the end of 1983. Once again, the Beer & Skittles nights were at the White Swan and the special Fred Pohl meeting in October 1982 was at the Holiday Inn.

February Dr John Barker
Bio Chip
Ken Slater
S F Bookseller
Brian Aldiss
Helliconia Spring
John Sladek Malcolm Edwards
Gollancz SF Editor
March Chris Morgan
University Challenge
Jack Cohen
Sex & Aliens
Colin Kapp
Through time and space with Peter Weston Question Time
April Les Flood
Being a S F agent
Thomas M Disch Anne Page
Blade Runner Promo
Toby Roxburgh
Futura Editor
BBC programme on 1979 Worldcon
May Robert Holdstock Garry Kilworth
In Praise of aliens
Quiz Lawrence Miller and Panel
Question Time
Douglas Hill
Juvenile SF
June Rog Peyton
Open Forum
Hugh Walters Dave Langford
Space Eater / Fairy story
Barrington J Bayley Jack Cohen
West Of Eden
July Barge Trip Panel Discussion Beer & Skittles Pete Lyon
Fan Artist
Vernon Brown
August Frank Hampson & Alan Vince
Dan Dare
Diana Reed
EGM / SF on the radio
Brian Stableford Balloon Debate / Game Harry Harrison
West Of Eden
September Ian Watson Bob Shaw & Dave Hardy
Thomas Cook's Galactic Tours
Kevin Davies
The making of HHGTTG
Bob Shaw
Orbitsville Departure, Anne McCaffrey
Tom Shippey
Think / Doublethink, SF in the real world
October Michael Guest
Dowsing & Quiz
Stephen Orton
Aetherius Society
Frederik Pohl, Eddie Jones
Personal View of SF Art
Shaun Hutson
OTT Horror
Christopher Priest
SF Ghetto
November Julian Isaacs
Richard Evans
Arrow Editor
S F Mastermind - Regional Heat Alan Moore
Comic Books
Question Time (Team Think)
December Beer & Skittles Christmas Party Christmas Party Christmas Party Christmas Party

Other Projects - The Birmingham Science Fiction Film Society

"The B.S.F.F.S is being formed as an offshoot of the B.S.F.G. The intention is to show a programme of SF Films once a month at the Arts Lab cinema on Sunday mornings" (newsletter February 1980)

"Birmingham Science Fiction Film Society had a very successful first programme on Sunday 4th May, consisting of Phase IV, Forbidden Planet and a brief parody of Star Wars entitled Hardware Wars. Next month it will be Soylent Green, War of the Satellites and the first part of a serial, Radar Men From the Moon." (newsletter May 1980)

"On Friday 21st August at 7:45 pm (at the Ivy Bush) there will be a fairly brief Extraordinary General meeting of the BSFG" This will be to discuss and vote on the proposal that : 'That part of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group known as the Birmingham Science Fiction Film Society be disbanded, its debts (if any) paid off by the BSFG and its accounts closed.' " (newsletter July 1981)

"At the end of August we severed relations with the Brum Group Film Society - what else can one do when it's discovered that the chairman of that society had signed a contract with the hotel for a film convention, agreeing to a £500 per day penalty clause in the BSFG's name without informing the BSFG!" (15th Anniversary Souvenir Book )

The Lord Mayor's Procession

"A Brum group float took part for the first time on Saturday 24th May. Those who constructed the Apollo Capsule were Mike Field, David Hardy, Alan Cash and Pauline Morgan. Displaying themselves in alien and spacemen costumes on the day were the same four plus Mike's two children Mark and Emma. The launch vehicle was driven by Peter Weston." (newsletter June 1980)

"After weeks of hard, dedicated work by a small group of stalwarts, the BSFG float, representing a sea monster arising from the ocean and threatening the occupants of an inflatable dingy, went on display. To considerable crowd approval and applause it roared (literally) on its way in the Lord Mayor's Procession, much to the satisfaction of those who had laboured on its construction." (newsletter June 1982)


"This way, members have all the fun of producing their own thing, (and it can be a lot of fun!) together with the bonus of receiving magazines from other members. If you've perhaps been contemplating a fanzine of your own, then this is an excellent way to begin." .. "APA-B first distribution : June 17. Official Editor : Cathryn Easthope. " (newsletter June 1983)

Informal Meetings

"Starting in February there'll be an informal meeting (positively no programme items or entrance fees) on the first Tuesday of each month in Willie's Wine Bar" (newsletter January 1981)