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The meeting place changed frequently in the first half of the nineties. They began at the Imperial hotel in 1990 and changed to the Ivy Bush in August of that year until March of 1991. There were two meetings at the Midland Hotel - Anne McCaffrey in March, and Grant and Naylor in April. Then back to the Ivy Bush for a couple of months. Twentycon, the group's 20th anniversary, replaced the regular meeting and ran all weekend at the Holiday Inn on Hill Street rather than the one off Broad Street that had been used for previous meetings. The rest of 1991 was spent at the Australian Bar on Hurst Street. The meetings moved to the White Lion for a year and a half with the exception of a special meeting for Joe Haldeman. That meeting was advertised as being in the brand new Arcade Hotel off Hurst Street but, the night before the meeting, the hotel chain decided that it would be called the Ibis which led to some confusion. From August of 93 the group moved back to the Australian Bar.
January AGM AGM AGM AGM, Tom Holt AGM
February Matt Irvine Richard Evans
LargeText Editor
Greg Bear, John Brunner Stephen Baxter Michael Scott Rohan
March Robert Rankin Does The Team Think?, Anne McCaffrey David Gemmell Bob Shaw Glasgow Worldcon
April Ramsey Campbell Rob Grant & Dave Naylor John Jarrold
Legend Editor
Joe Haldeman, Graham Joyce Peter Hamilton
May Michael Guest
Graham Joyce Jack Cohen, Terry Pratchett Colin Greenland Gwyneth Jones
June David Brin Paul J McAuley Does The Team Think? Harry Harrison, Louise Cooper Amanda Baker & Dave Clements
Another rotten night in paradise/astronomy
July Brian Aldiss Twentycon at the Holiday Inn. Ian Stewart Dave Cox's Pub Quiz Angus Wells
August Group Discussion Freda Warrington Pam Wells Garry Kilworth Christopher Evans
September Bob Shaw Anne Gay Simon Green, Kim Stanley Robinson Iain Banks Robert Holdstock
October Tad Williams David A Hardy Ian Watson Brian Aldiss John Priest
SFX & Animatronix
November Debate with BUSFS Dan Simmons Debate with BUSFS Debate with BUSFS Debate with BUSFS
December Christmas Party at the New Happy Gathering Christmas Party at the Wagon & Horses Christmas Party Christmas Party Christmas Party at the Samson and Lion