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Aliette de Bodard
Aliette de Bodard (June 2017)
Jaine Fenn Jaine Fenn on hidden empires
Charles Stross Charles Stross takes questions from the audience
Adam Roberts Adam Roberts and fan
Robert Rankin Robert Rankin entertains with Flying V ukulele

The Auctioneer The Auctioneer
Quiz teams February 2011 - two of the teams including (left table) the winners
Quiz February 2011 - The Quizmaster
Jo FletcherJo Fletcher - then of Gollancz and some of the books they publish
Summer Social The 2011 Summer Social
Steve Feasey Steve Feasey explains how to write from just characters
Xmas Party Rog Peyton, Pete Weston and award from the 2008 Christmas party
Chris Morgan Chris Morgan with laptop presenting a slideshow on the history of the paperback novel
Robert Rankin and attending members Robert Rankin meets the public
Brian Aldiss and Rog Peyton Rog Peyton and Brian Aldiss at the 40th Anniversary Party
BSFC The badge of the Birmingham SF Club from the 1940s
Christopher Priest Christopher Priest talks to members after the meeting
BookLaunch Theresa Derwin at her new book launch
Iain Banks
Iain M Banks at Birmingham Library
Space Day Our chairman greets visitors to a library space day
Stephen Hunt Stephen Hunt on his own version of Steampunk
Graham Joyce
Graham Joyce or an old fisherman's tale?
James Brogden
James Brogden on another surface
Brian Aldiss
Brian Aldiss comes back in 2013
Edwards & Coleborn Peter Coleborn & Jan Edwards of Alchemy Press
Ian Stewart Ian Stewart demonstrates a theory of vegetable wormholes
Emma Newman Emma Newman on recording audiobooks
Freda Warrington Freda Warrington displays selections from her latest trilogies
Anne and Stan Nicholls Anne and Stan Nicholls