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Our previous regular venue has not been able to offer it's meeting rooms since reopening. We are therefore likely to have meetings at different venues over the next few months until we find a venue that is the right fit for the group.

In April 2022 the Brum Group was very pleased to hold it's first in person meeting for over two years 

Check our home page for future meeting details or you can follow our twitter or our new instagram feed, where we post updates and items of interest such as new book releases and SF news take a look here @BirminghamSF

One of the benefits, perhaps the only benefit, of the Covid pandemic was the use of Zoom to hold our monthly meetings. It allowed us to have authors from other countries, or those for whom travel is difficult.  It also allows those members who have limited mobility to participate equally in the group's events. It is for these reasons that we have now started to Zoom broadcast in person meetings. Going forward we will have Zoom only meetings as well as in person meetings. This will allow us to have a more varied program of speakers for our members.