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1995 meetings and the 1996 AGM were held at the Australian Bar.After that new venues were tried for a while, the Queen's Head for February, then the Queen's Tavern in March and the Prince's Hotel for the rest of 1996. The AGM for 1997 was back at the Queens Tavern. Due to a financial crisis, most of the year's meetings were informal and held at the Tap & Spile on the canal. The exception was the April meeting with Jonathan Wylie at the Prince's Hotel. The 1998 AGM was still at the Tap & Spile. After that we moved to Bennett's bar from February to April. Christmas parties were mostly held at the Samson & Lion.

February David Gemmell Andrew Harman Informal Meeting Stephen Baxter Jack Cohen
Science of Discworld
March Peter Hamilton Andy Salmon
British Astronomical Soc
Tony Berry's Pub Quiz Graham Joyce David Sutton, Chris Morgan, Rog Peyton
April Storm Constantine Simon Green Jonathan Wylie EGM, Tom Holt Simon Ings
May Bob Shaw Prof Lawrence Krauss, Tom Holt Informal Meeting Robert Holdstock Simon Taylor
Transworld Editor
June Iain Banks, Ian Stewart Ian Watson Informal Meeting David A Hardy Ian Stewart
July Anne Gay Ian Stewart Informal Meeting Michael Marshall Smith Robert Rankin
August David A Hardy M J Simpson
SFX Magazine
Informal Meeting Anne Gay & Stan Nicholls SF Quiz
September Mark Chadbourn Christopher Priest, Robert Jordan Informal Meeting Pat Cadigan Is your club dead yet?
October Robert Rankin Ken Macleod Informal Meeting Peter Hamilton Stan Nicholls
November Quiz Harry Harrison Informal Meeting Brian Aldiss
At Novacon
Geoff Ryman
December Christmas Party at the Samson & Lion Christmas Party at the Tap & Spile Christmas Party  at the Samson & Lion Christmas Party  at the Samson & Lion Christmas Party  at the Samson & Lion